Bird1A Magical Experience

We have stayed several times at “River Rocks” (the house by the river), always a magical experience. The beautifully designed house, with its timeless Australian quality, seems to have spread of its own accord along the riverside, accommodating itself to the landscape. All the rooms open onto decks from which to enjoy the sound and sight of the river and the magnificent rainforest beyond, filled with birdsong. Not only are there fascinating birds to watch, but sometimes a platypus or kangaroo as well. When the day is hot there is nothing better than to bathe in the river. It is impossible to overstate the beauty and serenity of the house and its surroundings: in fact, it is one of our favourite spots in the world, to which we return whenever possible.
Roger and Naomi.
Cotswolds, England

Relax in Nature

We have enjoyed several relaxing visits to “River Rocks” and look forward to returning every time. It is a welcoming setting among towering trees with expansive decks offering mountain or river vistas and somewhere to while away the hours at any time of day. The luxurious guest wing, with stunning bathroom, is very spacious and comfortable, with the sound of the river chuckling past to lull us to sleep. Waking with kookaburras hunting for breakfast outside the window is a unique experience, as are the other natural wonders such as a glimpse of the elusive resident platypus, or a large goanna which delights in sunning itself on a tree trunk close to the deck. Visiting “River Rocks” is a highlight for us.
Eric and Helen.
Hamilton, NZ

Family Fun

Our family have visited have visited “River Rocks” many times. We love the tranquillity, walks beside the river and listening to the many bird calls. The water flowing over the rocks and pebbles is so peaceful that time seems to stand still, such a contrast to the busy lives we lead.
I will never forget my first adventure to “River Rocks”. We were having a ton of fun jumping in and out of the canoe on the river, trying first to steer and then purposely tipping it to one side for all of us to fall out. I am sure we upset nature with our screams of delight. We warmed quickly in the sun, there was not a breath of air this day. As we hungrily demolished our delicious feast for lunch, we spotted a platypus in the river. It was amazing and the first and only time to see a platypus in its true natural surroundings. Thank goodness our earlier screams did not scare him away. Thank you Mr. Platypus for introducing yourself to us at “River Rocks”. I will never forget you or the beautiful place where you live.
Noni, Liz and Lily.

Peace and Beauty – Truly Gorgeous

We have spent many happy days staying with our friends who own “River Rocks”.
This lovely place is so peaceful, situated beside a pristine river. We stay in the very attractive and comfortable guest room, waking in the mornings to the beautiful sound of birds singing and to the sound of the river tumbling over rocks.
Our days at “River Rocks” are spent bird watching, bush walking, swimming and four wheel driving around the property. In the evenings “happy hour” is spent on the deck watching the resident platypus (sometimes there are two!). We love seeing all the native animals and particularly enjoy feeding the pet brush turkey, named Theresa, and the two pet currawongs called Kevin and Kevina who wait for their food sitting on the rail of the balcony.
“River Rocks” is truly a gorgeous place to stay.
Colleen & Charles.
Perth WA