Garden with Forested Hills in BackgroundWell established native gardens surround the house. A netted vegetable garden with watering system provides fresh fruit and vegetables. Availability of water is a major advantage with the residence being located beside the Karuah River. An extensive irrigation system has been installed.

A mostly native garden has evolved over a number of years with many of hours of loving care.

There are many native flowering plants, shrubs  and trees including: grevilleas, bottle brushes and native frangipani trees, all of which make an attractive display.

The garden provides food and habitat for many species of birds including several varieties of honey eaters, crimson rosellas, king parrots, kookaburras, azure kingfishers, satin bower birds, white and black cockatoos and many more.

There are several areas where native ferns, birds-nest ferns, tree ferns and rock orchids have created cool spots in the garden. One particularly attractive area is the “champagne corner” overlooking the river where many happy hours have been enjoyed with family and friends.

A tapestry garden, comprising many colorful flowering plants, provides a backdrop to a citrus orchard including oranges, grapefruit, mandarin, chinotto, lemonade, and lemon.

At dusk one can sit beside the river in the beautiful garden and watch the platypus in the river, or take a dip in a magnificent swimming hole in the crystal clear water on a hot summers day. It’s simply magical.